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Putu Yudiantara – Balinese Yoga Tradition & Spiritual Culture Balinese Yoga Tradition & Spiritual Culture

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Balinese Yoga tradition and spiritual culture.​

About Putu

Om Swastiastu.

My name is Putu Yudiantara. I’m a Balinese, born and raised, and it’s been my passion for exploring deep into ancient Balinese teachings and how it can help modern people. I present this blog for them who might share the same enthusiasm.

I have written and published dozens of Books on Balinese spirituality (currently in Bahasa Indonesia); Ilmu Tantra Bali (Balinese Tantric Tradition), Meditasi Tantra (Tantric Meditation), Renungan Siwa-Buddha (Saiva-Bauddha Contemplation), and many more. Currently, we work hard to bring those books ready for global readers.

In 2013 i founded Bali Wisdom Foundation for one mission; to bring ancient Balinese teachings for modern people.

by Putu Yudiantara

Putu Yudiantara has written and published numerous books on Balinese spiritual tradition. Currently all the books are in Bahasa Indonesia, but we works on translating in English for global readers.

Online Course

Yoga in Balinese Tradition

First of it kind, this online course will enrich your understanding about Yoga from Balinese perspectives, both philosophical and practical.

Balinese culture are basically yogic culture, more specifically, Tantric Yoga. Has been passed down from generations to generations, now going global, reaching out to you.

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Help me gather a team of Young Balinese Scholars to work continuously on bringing ancient Balinese wisdom globally.

This includes translating traditional texts into “modern language”, as the text itself, like blog posts, podcasts, and ebooks.

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