Lets Bring More Light To The World

With your support, i will translate all my writings in Bahasa Indonesia to English, while keep making new one.


I have collections of past articles since the beginning i started Bali Wisdom Foundation, and Gocara. All those writings covering Balinese Spiritual Traditions as expound it ancient manuscripts and embeded within Balinese culture.

With your support, i would like to translate all the writings to present it for the global readers.

Through my online ashram platform, Gocara, i regularly published multimedia ebooks on spirituality, tantra, yoga, and life.

All ebook titles and its summary are available here.

Writing and exploring life through the lense of traditional teachings has been my life passion ever since i wrote my first book.

And i will need your support to keep exploring the deep of yogic & tantric legacy, and keep bringing up more insight for you.

It’s not just about me, so why don’t bring more people on board? There are a lot of Balinese who shares the sama enthusiasm, and has learn more than i do. It would be bliss to hear what those people have to say.

Besides, after the monthly goal has achieved we will work with professional translator and editor, to make sure you get the best out of Balinese tantra & yoga teachings.

Why i publish all the contents here instead of directly on Patreon?

How a messages are delivered are as important as the content itself. We’re not just planning to write down what we have in mind, but make sure to deliver it with the best medias available (online course, multimedia ebooks, and more).

So, to have more control on the delivery of the messages, i decide to put all my contents on a self-hosted website. And we use Patreon for the convenience of payment, membership, and other related technical stuffs.

So, why not?